How I Cut the Cord – My Slow Breakup with Cable

Hello to all my IS-Diva fans. I’m back! Did you miss me? It’s been a crazy 2017 and thankfully out with the old and in with the new! I’ll get into it all at some other time. For my first post of the year I thought I’d address something that’s dear to me – finances. […]

7 Safety Tips for Traveling in Chicago’s Windy City

Recently, I’ve moved pretty far away, about 50 miles outside of Downtown Chicago. Although my drive to work is pretty easy and swift near O’Hare when it’s time to party downtown I have to be cautious when I’m leaving home. For instance, on my way home last week, I pushed my gas tank to the […]

Personal Trainer Food – Top 8 Interesting Questions

So, after my last post Personal Trainer Food – Final Review, I’ve had some people approached me online and at work about my experience with personal trainer food. Most of the questions were about how did I really stick to it, how did the PTF taste, and was it worth it? Well, let me go […]

Personal Trainer Food – Final Review

Moving –  Work – Back To School Shopping – Birthdays – Sick Family Members These are just a few reasons why I’m behind updating you all on my Personal Trainer Food experience as well as the same reasons PTF is a great investment! So my PTF package was for a month. Technically, I should have […]

Week 2: A Week in the Life of Personal Trainer Food

Hello all! So it’s been a busy week…or two…or three. I wanted to give a progress update on how I’m doing with Personal Trainer Food. My first post Week 1: Weight Loss Journey Using Personal Trainer Food, I just gave you a bit of info about what Personal Trainer Food is and how it works. […]

5 Easy Ways to Keep Up Healthy Habits at Work

It’s the weekend and I’m doing great. I’m drinking my water, eating some healthy snacks here and there, and working out. Then, Monday hit’s and I’m ordering Italian Beef with Co-workers, drinking Coke or Pepsi by 1 pm to stay awake, and avoiding the stair walking crew because I “forgot” my gym shoes at home […]

Home Spring Refreshing Tips + Giveaway #ad

With spring here and me barely being at home, there are a few things I do to keep my home fresh and welcoming when I do come home. It doesn’t require daily cleaning at all. So I’m giving you a few tips that I do. Keep your windows open on days that allow. Wash your […]

Just for Kicks – My 14 Favorite TV Series Currently On my DVR

You know, I’ve seen a lot of people post about their favorite television shows. So why not list my favorite series? I love so many different types of shows from horror, to drama, to action. I’ll start by saying RIP to the Vampire Diaries Series. I literally cried during the last episode. So I guess […]