20 Things You Can Do On Your Day Off Work

20 Things You Can Do On Your Day Off Work

Well, today’s post is about relaxing at home. You see, when we are off work, we tend to handle all the busy, stressful things that we never can get done on a normal day. Well, today, I just did not care. I need to relax. Relaxing is defined as “make or become less tense or anxious.” And I’ll be damned if I seem to be the most tense person around.

So today, was a means to an end. I decided to truly relax by having everyone out of the house. I vowed to sit back with a glass of lime juice and vodka, catch up on my television shows, and kick back on my reclining sofa.

Damn, today felt good!

Unfortunately, my day didn’t go 100% as planned. One kid went off to a friend’s house while the other had to stay home because his idea of planning a day at the gym just did not go well. So, he did kick back in his room most of the day, watching TV as well as some study time (a day out of school does not equal a day of no study).

We did have fried chicken and pancakes (hey, no waffles, don’t judge us)

  • Soda all day
  • Popsicles
  • TV time together

But there were NO:

  • Bills
  • Strenuous work
  • Doorbells
  • Complicated phone conversations
  • Cleaning

Now I can go to work tomorrow with a fresh mind and be less tense.

20 Things You Can Do On Your Day Off Work

There are plenty of things you can do on a day off work. Just get one day, if possible, out of the month to do nothing but something you’ve been longing to do.

  1. Sleep in
  2. Go to the library the night before and grab a book
  3. Read blog posts and articles online
  4. Take a free class online
  5. Play Facebook games
  6. Download a new game to your phone and master it
  7. Catch up with Amazon, Netflix, or DVR shows
  8. Start off a bunch of potted plants
  9. Make a cute clutch purse
  10. Watch YouTube videos on hair styles
  11. Phone a friend!
  12. Cook an amazing meal that takes over 1 hour to prepare
  13. Read up on wines and join a wine club
  14. Make cookies or brownies
  15. Start your own blog
  16. Color an adult coloring book
  17. Go in your closet and create a few new outfits for yourself
  18. Take a trip to a thrift store in a really good neighborhood
  19. Go out on a date with yourself
  20. Make some bath salts or soaps

What do you do to relax on your day off work?


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    I do all of these things way too much on my days off, especially Netflix. I’ve found a healthy balance of housework and play that I can finally live with now that we’re in a house versus an apartment. The apartment did not get nearly as much light as the house does. It’s refreshing. It’s nice to spend some time outside, especially relaxing in my zero gravity chair that the last renter’s left behind!!
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