6 Must Have Items for Your Baby’s First Year #gift-guide

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For each of my kid’s birthdays, I start to think back to those baby years. My cousin is pregnant with her 2nd, and her son is only 2 years old. Oh, he’s something else too! Here are six items I absolutely had to have for my son’s first year.

  1. Onesies

Thinking back to my son’s first year, I remember gearing him up whenever we went out. However, when we were home in the comforts of our own closed doors, there was no need for that! My son stayed in onesies. He never fidgeted with them, had plenty of room for play, and naptime was a breeze. These are excellent to easily change kids too.

  1. Cabinet & Drawer Latches

Your baby is going to start crawling as early as 6-months. You must be ready at that first sign of rolling all around. Babies are naturally curious. And besides that, they often pull upon items to pull themselves up. You certainly don’t want to hinder that process. So place cabinet and drawer latches to keep them from hurting themselves or getting into harmful substances.

  1. Outlet Covers

This goes along with the cabinet and drawer latches. Your babies and toddlers are so curious that toys, mommy’s hairpin, and the dog’s tail seem to fit naturally into outlets. Let’s just not think of the outcome, shall we?

  1. Dry Formula Dispenser

When your baby is hollering in your arms, other kids are running through the house, and you have food cooking, I’d say you’re a tad bit busy. Hey, mistakes happen and sometimes those mistakes are over or under adding the proper amount of formula in the bottle. A dry formula dispenser is the answer to your prayers! Heck, you may even find it’s just more convenient to use this while juggling your baby in your arms too.

  1. Mess Mat

Do you like squash baby food stains on your carpet? Hate sweeping after, well, each attempted meal? Get a mess mat! They will also be handy for when your bundle of joy gets older, and you entertain them in their high chair with markers and watercolors.

  1. A Fashionable Diaper Bag

Finally, and yes, I’m sometimes selfish, of course, I had to do something for myself! No mom, new or seasoned, wants to carry around two bags! Get yourself a fashionable diaper bag and show them the chic mom you are!

While these are all general and inexpensive items, you may want to list some of these items for baby’s first year on your baby shower registry.

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  1. AmY says

    Everyone thinks babies need all these clothes and they do not! Onesies and feetie pjs are enough for the first three months.

  2. Amanda Love says

    All great products to have. I especially had that really cute diaper bag because I wanted to look good when I went out with her. 🙂

  3. Alisha Kostiuk says

    These are great ideas. I always tell people for the first year make sure it is a huge diaper bag that will hold alot.

  4. says

    We had the cutest little bath for my little sister that closed to become a very soft and comfortable changing mat. I think purchasing that dual-use bath/mat was one of the best decisions we made!

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