6 Tips for Moms to Pass on to Their 2nd Trimester Daughter #sponsored

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My daughter is officially in her 2nd trimester now. I feel like screaming “We’re out of the woods.” However, she’s still confused about what to expect, how to eat, and how to treat colds. Just last week a cold flared up on her, and she never gets sick. To her surprise, her doctor told her to take a separate medicine for each symptom. Here I am, standing in Walgreens, ½ hour before the pharmacy department opened up. Guess who sat there like a good little mother until they opened up – yep, me.

So the pharmacist tells me, yes, pregnant, she just needs to stick to something natural, such as nasal drops, Vicks Vapor Rub, and run a humidifier in her room. Gee, thanks!

Since she likes to read, I told her to check out a few blog posts and free Kindle downloads on 2nd trimester pregnancy.

Being pregnant is definitely no joke. It’s a game of survival of the fittest! I found these few tips on Mommy Edition; http://www.mommyedition.com/10-tips-for-surviving-your-second-trimester-pregnancy to be ideal for her situation as it deals with colds, back pain, clothing, and more.

However, here are my very own top tips for daughters hitting their 2nd trimester!

  1. Nausea Doesn’t Go Away

During your first trimester, it seems you will never stop throwing up or feeling nauseated. You’ll never want to eat really. However, eating can actually make the nausea go away. Once you’ve hit your 2nd trimester, it may dull some. But, it will never fully go away. So no excuses, just eat.

  1. Face It Honey, You’re Getting Bigger

My daughter walks around in all her old clothes and says how she’s not getting bigger. Well, honey, looks are obviously deceiving looking in the mirror; check from behind! After her 2nd doctor’s appointment, it became crystal clear that her thighs and other body areas were starting to spread.

You’re going to gain a lot of weight during your 2nd trimester-expect up to 37 pounds. As a lazy vegan, this will be hard for her because ramen noodles aren’t cutting it. Gaining less than 15 pounds, however, we’re both going to talk to her doctor about.

  1. Those Sex Hormones will Kick In

I think this was more so in my mind than trying to discuss with her. I’m not exactly pleased nor ignorant to how we got to this situation. However, I’d just like to keep this discussion on the back burner for now.

  1. Those Girly Tendencies Will Be Back

My daughter does have those moody days, the whiny days, and, of course, the clumsy days. You’re extra cautious during your 1st trimester, but it’s a whole different ballgame during your 2nd. It’s almost like that commercial where the mom is extra cautious having her first child and boils the pacifier if it drops to the floor. 2nd baby, suck off the dirt and keep it moving.

  1. Park It: The Eating for Two Doesn’t Work

Don’t throw the pity face on me that you’re eating for two, and that’s why I need to cook you more food, or you get to keep all the fried mozzarella sticks to yourself. That’s so not working. If you’re going to pig out, pig out on the healthy stuff! And, by the way, cook yourself a balanced meal, not ramen noodles!

  1. No, We’re Not Parking Valet for the Doctor’s Office

Your first trimester, I’ll give it to you; your body will be so tired. The energy seems to have drained out of you. However, 2nd trimester, you’re getting your energy back. You’re going to need to exercise because your joints are going to get sore from loosening up to make way for the baby to be born. You also need to exercise to ease up pregnancy woes of stretch marks and constipation. If nothing else, you’re going to make the two block walk from the parking lot to your doctor’s office – no valet (and extra bucks) for you.

Do you remember your 2nd trimester? What was your most awful experience?

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    My second trimester was a nightmare. That was when the hormones kicked in for real and I turned crazy. Also, the cravings were there for the weirdest things like Baked Potatoes. I also could not keep Ramen Noodles down so she should consider herself lucky. But, soon she will feel the baby kick and then that will be the fun part.
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