Can This President Elect Work for Us?

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Can This President Elect Work for Us? As the elections are now over, we need to focus on what we can do for our families as opposed to how are unhappy with our president elect. Here are three important things you need to be working on today for secure future.


Typically I have nothing much to say when it comes to politics. And today, it’s not much different. However, I did want to address things from a different perspective. Like many, I am appalled that our president-elect is Trump. But at this point, instead of asking “why”, we now need to focus on “can this President Elect work for us”?

I do have incredible respect and admiration for him as a businessperson. But running our country with his sexist, racist actions and remarks – – I’m far from happy. As the people did elect Hilary (60,865,433 votes) over Trump (60,276,359 votes), the Electoral College selected Trump with 290 electoral votes. Many also want to blame women for placing Trump in the electoral lead, 36% voted for him. After all his comments, I don’t care what nationality, religion, or anything else… why aren’t we as women standing together?

Moving Forward

Well, what’s done is done (as it stands as of now because the Electoral College still has to meet in a month) so what are we all to do now? Should minorities be scared and wait to be “tossed” from the country?

It’s now time to get over the hurt and anger and ensure we position ourselves for our kid’s sake. Come on, as far as this wall being built, if it does come to pass, he’ll be out of office before the foundation is even laid.

Now it’s not to say I don’t have my passport sitting aside waiting for me… but I do not believe the administration is coming after low and middle class America. Trump is about money and power for the country. Therefore, my takeaway from all that he does stand for is this – get your home (your life) in order.

Teach Your Children

First off, you should have been teaching your children pride, self-respect, respect for others, and a strong sense of self. There have been and I’m sure will continue to be derogatory remarks being said against immigrants, minorities, and women.

Ensure your child does not pick up that behavior. Also, they should understand this hatred is not to be tolerated. Your children should have a sense of pride about themselves and know their worth- so no words can cut through their skin.

Teach Yourself

business picI’m just going to say it bluntly – stop waiting for the damn handouts. If Caucasians truly do receive the most public assistance in this country, continue to let them. Our ancestors fought entirely too hard for us to sit back and let the “government” take care of us. Because truthfully, it’s your hard working neighbor taking care of you.

It’s time to teach yourself all you can about the financial markets and pick up on a new skill set to further yourself in the workplace. Continue to make yourself marketable. Take control of your finances. New jobs are coming into the economy. This much I can say about Trump – the man wants to cut out outsourcing.

Things That Make You Say Hummm

What’s happening with the S&P 500 Index? Hell, what is the S&P 500 Index? Why is it that you know more about a movie that’s coming out in 2018 versus what’s going on in the very real world around you now? Like I stated … teach yourself. There are entirely too many free resources out there for you to make excuses. The Wall Street Journal is available free online!

Prepare Your Legacy

While educating yourself, it’s time to put a plan in action. Let me ask you something … do you know what a SWOT analysis is? If not, here is a quick breakdown as per

“SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face.”

Those that own a business or at least knows how to generate money outside of corporate America, for the most part, will always be able to provide for their families. One thing that most people say they want to do is to operate their own business. But many feel their very business idea is oversaturated in the market, so they never bother.

Now, typically a SWOT Analysis is done for your company. But if you don’t have a company, what’s stopping you from performing one on a potential competitor of yours? Businesses do it all the time. And this is your opportunity to come into the market with an improved business idea rather than trying to create a new wheel. This is how you are going to start your legacy.

The Bottom Line

Can This President Elect Work for Us? As the elections are now over, we need to focus on what we can do for our families as opposed to how are unhappy with our president elect. Here are three important things you need to be working on today for secure future.

The bottom line is just this – stop waiting to see what’s going to happen. Create your own future today by implementing change in your household.

Finally, I can say I’m excited to see if Trump will cut back on space exploration so we can focus on fixing these huge potholes in Chicago. My truck will greatly thank him for it.

What are your thoughts of our President Elect? Have you seen any positive outcomes thus far?

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  1. Debbie Denny says

    Very nice post. I think education is the key. Also agree that people need to know more about things like the S&P. The info is there, just look.

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