Cool Places in Chicago to Get Your Study On

Cool Places in Chicago to Get Your Study On. Are you having trouble studying? I’ve included a few cool places you can go study. There are even a few study spots specifically in Chicago you should check out.

Well, I finally did it. I enrolled in my real estate broker class. There’s more to come on my plans with that shortly. Trying to find time to actually study has been a major challenge so far. I started my course March 1st and as much money as I’ve paid into this, you’d think I’d […]

Easy Food Marinating Tips

Easy food marinating tips. Are you looking for an easy way to season and marinate your foods without the hassle? This is a quick and easy tip on how to reuse a typical bag to do so.

So instead of a long post, I wanted to give you all a quick and easy tip. This would definitely fall under my saving money in the kitchen ideas! One of my favorite foods to purchase from Aldi’s is Shrimp. They have a variety of frozen shrimp from cocktail shrimp, to medium sized, to large. […]

Organize Your Expenses Easily in Less than 10 Minutes!

Organize Your Expenses Easily in Less than 10 Minutes! Do you want to learn how to analyze your expenses? I’ll show you in less than 10 minutes how to create a pivot table and use this information to see where your hard-earned dollars are going.

January is always the perfect time of the year to analyze your money for the year. After issues with my ex, I had to set new goals. Goals 2015 – bring in more income and eliminate debt (which will improve credit score) 2016 – save money, move, continue to work on credit score 2017 – […]

4 Financial Apps You Need for This New Year

4 Financial Apps You Need for This New Year. If you need help saving and investing, these four apps are a must have on your mobile device.

I swear I find myself adding and deleting apps on a daily basis. My phone’s battery is almost ready to die before I unplug it good enough. I’d like to think of myself as working on saving a shitload of money this year as well as investing it. Because let’s get real, just putting it […]

6 Popular Savings Plans to Reach Your Financial Goals

6 Popular Savings Plans to Reach Your Financial Goals. It’s 2017! How are you going to get your savings goals on track? Check out six of the most popular savings plans to help you achieve your financial goals.

2 years ago, I posted the 52 Week Savings Challenge: 7 Clever Ways to Find Extra Money. Now how many of you actually did that? So to start off this year, how about setting your goals towards the right challenge for you and your family? I started off with a $25 a month challenge when […]

Back to School Shopping Made Easy with #Groupon #ad

Back to School Shopping Made Easy with #Groupon. It’s tough and expensive going store to store for back to school shopping. But it’s easy with Groupon Goods. #ad

In my last post, I talked about Groupon Coupons. In this post, I wanted to continue by letting you know of the great back to school shopping ideas you can find on Groupon as well. My son just turned 17 yesterday, and he is at that “I need that” stage. Since he does well in […]

Easy Ways to Start Your Seven Streams of Income

It may seem hard enough having one stream of income. But there are ways to generate several streams of income without it having to be physically demanding or with large investments. Easy Ways to Start Your Seven Streams of Income

So today I wanted to talk about this 7 streams of income business. You may be thinking… it’s hard as hell to get my one stream of income (job), so how am I going to bring in SEVEN more? When I first heard of this, I thought the same thing. However, working from home, I […]

5 Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Money Online Today

Do you need another stream of income or low on cash and need money today? I have listed five side hustle ideas to help you start earning cash today at home.

Jobs are limited everywhere. I know people that have been unemployed for years and it doesn’t seem to help that McDonalds is “always” hiring. Even employed full time, you get behind in your bills. Kids need supplies for school that you just weren’t ready to purchase. The gas hand gets low, and you don’t get […]

Top 13 Books to Secure You Grants and Scholarships

If you are in need of grants and scholarships to start school or return, there are vast resources available in these thirteen books. Find out how you can afford to go back to school with little to no debt.

As an admissions advisor and prior financial aid advisor, I hear every day students asking how they are going to pay for college. From grandparents, to parents, to the students themselves, they are afraid of student loans, and should be. There is hope though as you can find grants and scholarships that are available for […]