Trendy Workout – Work Clothes? #sponsored

  Since going back to work, I’ve been looking for new styles. I don’t want to be dressed up all the time, but not too laid back either, ya know. We are allowed to wear casual clothing, which I think is awesome for a corporate environment. Shocking enough, no one has gotten too out of […]

Save Money on Groceries by Shopping in Your Kitchen

  So I swear, if I don’t set the food out on the table, the kids will never eat certain foods. Going into the freezer to search for leftovers or one or twosie items is like telling them to go save the planet all on their own! A few weeks ago, I really wanted to grab […]

Financial Risks with Payday Loans and How to Avoid Them

Payday loans are very popular these days. We’ve all had one or at least came close to taking one. It’s a way to get fast money in less than 24 hours. However, what would happen should you take a loan for just general purposes – to go on vacation, purchase clothes on sale, or try […]

41 Great Deals to Find at Your Local Dollar Store

Cleaning Supplies It’s true. Many of the generic supplies you get from the dollar store are manufactured by the brand names you love the most. You’ll also find at the dollar store, little items that won’t make a big difference as far as presentation. If you’re short on cash and these are items that don’t […]

Home Spa Treatment for Less: Check Out Your Kitchen Ingredients

When it comes to looking after your skin and making sure that you look your best, it is easy to assume that you need to spend money on expensive products. However, if you consider a more natural approach then you could find a way to look good, without breaking the bank. What many people do […]

How to Fix Your Credit – Part 2

    Here is Part 2 of the How to Fix Your Credit -Personal Finance Series: Understanding Your Credit Report – 7 Important Sections So now that you have your credit report in hand, via paper or electronic, it’s time to decipher this thing down. Let’s review the seven important sections that are on your credit report. […]

How to Fix Your Credit – Part 1

You may have noticed I touch on a lot of financial topics, and that’s because I feel we (women) should always be on top of our financial game. So I decided to go a bit in depth with how you can get started on having a stellar credit report. I’m not an expert by any […]