Just for Kicks – My 14 Favorite TV Series Currently On my DVR

You know, I’ve seen a lot of people post about their favorite television shows. So why not list my favorite series? I love so many different types of shows from horror, to drama, to action. I’ll start by saying RIP to the Vampire Diaries Series. I literally cried during the last episode. So I guess […]

20 Things You Can Do On Your Day Off Work

Well, today’s post is about relaxing at home. You see, when we are off work, we tend to handle all the busy, stressful things that we never can get done on a normal day. Well, today, I just did not care. I need to relax. Relaxing is defined as “make or become less tense or […]

Treat Yourself to a Beautiful Manicure

  You know, it simply amazes me at how many women do not get their nails done. I mean, they don’t even do them at home. Upkeep is so important these days in your professional and personal life. I personally get my nails done at least every two weeks. I work hard for the money! […]

Top 80 Romantic R&B Hits from the 90’s and Beyond

  Sweetest Day is around the corner and I know you want to get the mood set in your home. Below I have some of the best romantic R&B hits from the 90’s until today. Now I did sneak in a few oldies but goodies, so don’t knock me… these hits are still da’ bomb! […]

Preventing Tension and Stress Amongst New Friends

Ok, let’s just cut to the chase … we’re women; we’re emotional. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, just more in tune with ourselves. From time to time, you may introduce a friend into your social circle, and that doesn’t always pan out too well. Different personalities will do one of two things: Mesh […]

Is It Ok to Kick It By Yourself?

Image via Flickr by Ronnie.  As life separates your schedule from your friends, you may need to go out on your own. Here are 4 reasons to go out and enjoy the night on the town alone. In your early 20’s, it was fairly simple to go out and have a good time with your […]

Check Out My Gorgeous New Shirt from Chic Chicks Boutique

Hey all! Last week (before the cold) I went out to celebrate some great news with a close friend of mine. This celebration called for a bit of a shopping trip. I really was hoping to wear a new pair of PZI Jeans, so I looked them up and found that Chic Chicks Boutique in […]

Domestic Violence is Closer than You Think: Be Aware This October

Another Disclosure: A bit of graphic wording … this post just got real In October 1981, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence observed the first Day of Unity. This was to help connect advocates of battered women across the US to end this senseless violence against women and children. Since then, there have been many activities leading […]