7 Safety Tips for Traveling in Chicago’s Windy City

Recently, I’ve moved pretty far away, about 50 miles outside of Downtown Chicago. Although my drive to work is pretty easy and swift near O’Hare when it’s time to party downtown I have to be cautious when I’m leaving home. For instance, on my way home last week, I pushed my gas tank to the […]

5 Easy Ways to Keep Up Healthy Habits at Work

It’s the weekend and I’m doing great. I’m drinking my water, eating some healthy snacks here and there, and working out. Then, Monday hit’s and I’m ordering Italian Beef with Co-workers, drinking Coke or Pepsi by 1 pm to stay awake, and avoiding the stair walking crew because I “forgot” my gym shoes at home […]

How to Create Your 2016 New Year’s Vision Board

I’m an Admissions Advisor for an online school. One of the things I like to do is interview my students to find out what their goals really are in life. So I do start by asking, “What are your personal goals, and then we’ll dive into your career goals”. You’ll be amazed that over 90% […]

3 Fast Track Skill Ideas to Get Back to Work

You know, for those of you that want to get started working, there are a few basic skills you may need. These are helpful whether it’s your first time back to work after five years of being laid off, your first job, or you’re changing industries. I hear all the time how women want to […]

4 Pages Every Blogger Needs

  It’s exciting to think, WOW, I’m a blogger! You can be a part-time or full-time blogger. Perhaps your blog started as a way to keep track of your thoughts, you want to make a difference in your neighborhood, or you are ready to turn your passion and hobby into a lucrative income. Whatever the […]

7 Space-Saving Hacks for Apartment Kitchens

I recently moved into a new apartment. While it’s quite large, especially the kitchen, it’s not enough shelving or counter space. Dealing with a small kitchen or a kitchen without the storage space you need may seem like a challenge, but in many ways, it’s a blessing in disguise. It forces you to minimize your […]

Recap of 2014’s Word of the Week

Welcome to I-S-DIVA and 2015! In case you are new to the blog, I typically post on my Facebook Fan Page every Monday I-S-Diva’s word of the week. It all started, of course, with the post: How to Build a Damn Good Vocabulary in One Minute a Day. So today is my first post of […]

4 Fab Ways to Beat the Winter Workout Blues #sponsored @aliilifestyle

Stay hydrated wherever you are with an Alii water bottle

We all know that exercising is a great way to enhance your mood, reduce stress, prevent diseases, look your best, and teach your kids a healthy lifestyle. Downtown Chicago is a popular area in the summer for anyone looking to get plenty of exercise. From visiting Buckingham Fountain to inline skating along Navy Pier, it’s […]