Easy Food Marinating Tips

Easy food marinating tips. Are you looking for an easy way to season and marinate your foods without the hassle? This is a quick and easy tip on how to reuse a typical bag to do so.

So instead of a long post, I wanted to give you all a quick and easy tip. This would definitely fall under my saving money in the kitchen ideas! One of my favorite foods to purchase from Aldi’s is Shrimp. They have a variety of frozen shrimp from cocktail shrimp, to medium sized, to large. […]

13 Quick Imitation Crab Lunch Ideas

13 Quick Imitation Crab Lunch Ideas. Don't let your leftover crab meat go to waste. Check out these easy 13 crabmeat recipes from Pinterest.

  As you know, I’m all about convenience and saving money. I recently bought a pack of imitation crabmeat to add to my left over salad. So the salad is gone and now I’m stuck with a half-eaten pack of imitation crab meat. So after browsing around my absolute favorite website Pinterest, I came across […]

Meal of the Week – Boneless Short Ribs with Gravy

Meal of the Week – Boneless Short Ribs with Gravy

Well, It’s been about a month since I’ve last posted. Things have been hectic, but I finally did it – I moved! If you remember your last move, I’m sure you empathize with me. The packing wagging up and down stairs hiring movers working overtime to replace what you’ve spent out eating take out daily […]

Southern Shrimp Omelet

If you want a change of pace for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, try this southern version of an omelet by just adding in shrimp recipe.

Another amazing Saturday. Home from work for the weekend, so I decided to make yet again another omelet. Going off my theme of shrimp (plenty left over), I decided to make a shrimp omelet. If you’re good at making omelets, this is just as simple. Swap out your favorite meat for shrimp! See, easy. For […]

Vietnamese (Shrimp) Spring Rolls

If you want a fresh, vegetarian recipe, try out these shrimp spring rolls. They are easy to make and great snacks for you and the kids.

I’m a Thai Food fanatic …. In fact, the other week I went to my favorite restaurant in Oak Park, Mama Thai. It’s just a nice, quiet environment, with good food and friendly service. Chicago has some great restaurants, but the low-key area is downtown Oak Park! I’d just gotten back in town the night […]

Easy Cheesy Shrimp and Grits

Easy Cheesy Shrimp and Grits. For an easy, warm anytime meal, try this Cheesy Shrimp and Grits recipe.

One of my favorite dishes is cheesy shrimp and grits. I just came back from New Orleans, and it’s a classic, everyday breakfast item down there. What’s great about it is that it’s not just for breakfast (like for most people, you do enjoy breakfast for dinner anyway). To some, it sounds complicated, but I […]

Breadless Salmon and Egg Benedict

Breadless Salmon and Egg Benedict

Sometimes you want a really fancy breakfast. Those for me don’t require a lot of work when I decide to make Salmon and Eggs Benedict. This is actually one of my favorite breakfasts and it’s so easy to make. There are only a few ingredients required. Now I don’t make it often because I always […]

Goulash Rice Casserole

Goulash Rice Casserole

  Easy rice casserole dish to make in 30 minutes. Great dish for adding left over veggies to. Have you ever had someone tell you about a dish they make and you turned around and thought about nothing else but that dish? Well, that was me last weekend. My aunt was telling me about her […]

Best Snack Ideas for Work at Home Moms

Best Snack Ideas for Work at Home Moms

Have you ever sat around home just wanting the perfect snack, just to realize, you’re not so sure what that could be? How about working at home or even in the office and wanting something light because anything else will take you to Snoozeville? That’s me most of the time at home. Working from home […]