Personal Trainer Food – Top 8 Interesting Questions

So, after my last post Personal Trainer Food – Final Review, I’ve had some people approached me online and at work about my experience with personal trainer food. Most of the questions were about how did I really stick to it, how did the PTF taste, and was it worth it? Well, let me go […]

Personal Trainer Food – Final Review

Moving –  Work – Back To School Shopping – Birthdays – Sick Family Members These are just a few reasons why I’m behind updating you all on my Personal Trainer Food experience as well as the same reasons PTF is a great investment! So my PTF package was for a month. Technically, I should have […]

Week 2: A Week in the Life of Personal Trainer Food

Hello all! So it’s been a busy week…or two…or three. I wanted to give a progress update on how I’m doing with Personal Trainer Food. My first post Week 1: Weight Loss Journey Using Personal Trainer Food, I just gave you a bit of info about what Personal Trainer Food is and how it works. […]

Top 13 Books to Secure You Grants and Scholarships

As an admissions advisor and prior financial aid advisor, I hear every day students asking how they are going to pay for college. From grandparents, to parents, to the students themselves, they are afraid of student loans, and should be. There is hope though as you can find grants and scholarships that are available for […]

4 Pages Every Blogger Needs

  It’s exciting to think, WOW, I’m a blogger! You can be a part-time or full-time blogger. Perhaps your blog started as a way to keep track of your thoughts, you want to make a difference in your neighborhood, or you are ready to turn your passion and hobby into a lucrative income. Whatever the […]

What Tog Duvet Should You Choose For Your Toddler?

Did you know that your toddler needs around 12 – 14 hours of sleep per day to keep them happy, healthy and ready for more adventures? It’s no surprise they need so much sleep when you think of how fast they are growing and that they’re always on the go when they’re awake. In this […]