Check Out This Deeply Discounted Review Site I Love – Dollar Deal Reviews

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Check Out This Deeply Discounted Review Site I Love – Dollar Deal Reviews


Last week on the Shop Online with Amazon and Save Money on Everyday Purchases blog post, I mentioned to check in this week to find out how I got a Sterling Silver Coffee French Press, Eyelash Growth Serum, Organic Vitamin C Serum, Blackhead Extractor Tools, and more for just $1 each!

It’s true, and you can do it too by joining Dollar Deal Reviews!

What Exactly Is Dollar Deal Reviews?

Dollar Deal Reviews is an amazing product review site that is legit! They are Amazon seller partners so you can be sure there is nothing fishy going on here. See the more products that are purchased and reviewed, the better the sellers search rankings. It’s totally illegal for Amazon sellers to “buy” reviews so this is the next best and safest thing.

These Amazon sellers need their products reviewed. To get these reviews, of course, they need willing participants and what better way than to give buyers a deep discount? Now, not all of these will be $1. Some may be free, a few cents, or a few dollars, but you are getting amazing savings.

They know you are leaving a totally honest review, so much, in fact, you must state that in your review. And yes, Dollar Deal Reviews does check!

Now I mentioned a few items I got, but here are others listed right now:

Earbuds with Mic – $1 after coupon code

USB Gaming Mouse – free after coupon code

Omega-3 Fish Oil – $1 after coupon code

1lb Shea Butter – $1 after coupon code

Weight Loss Supplement Pack – $1 after coupon code

Waist Trimmer – free after coupon code

Bath Toy Organizer – $1 after coupon code

Samsung Galaxy S6/S5 Armband – $1 after coupon code

Getting Started With Dollar Deal Reviews

It’s really simple to get started with Dollar Deal Reviews, and yes it’s free to join!

  1. Register here using this link.
  2. Your account type is reviewed
  3. Create your username
  4. You are then taken to the Deal Tickets section. You’re starting off with 200 tickets. Deal Tickets are their digital currency, if you will. You will use these to purchase the coupon codes for the products. Each code will be 100 Deal Tickets. You can have a maximum of 200 Deal Tickets on your account at a time, so only two deals to be reviewed at a time. This helps keep things under control. (It’s easy to get carried away, trust me)
  5. Now, you can refer friends (kind of like what I’m doing now) and get your own referral link as well. This increases your tickets, and you’ll get 10 tickets per referral.
  6. The dashboard holds all the incredible deals. Remember to hit the next button to see them all. You can also “Like” their Facebook page to keep up with the deals or sign up for Free Text Alerts.
  7. Add your deal to your cart and be sure to “Download Voucher” to get your coupon code.
  8. After you’ve downloaded the voucher, you’ll have the code and should get to Amazon right away (they only last for 24 hours and these codes go fast)! Copy it and head on over to Amazon. Follow any instructions they give you, such as searching for the product name. Add the item to your cart, checkout, and paste in the coupon code.
  9. Now, last week you should have signed up for Amazon Prime for the low cost of $67. If you missed out, that’s fine, simply sign up for the Free 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial here.
  10. After receiving and testing your item, it’s time to leave a review. Be sure to follow the Disclosures listed found on the Dashboard.
  • If the product was FREE: I received this product for FREE in exchange for my unbiased review.
  • If you spent even a penny: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

If you join, come back and tell us what the first item you got was and how much did it cost you!

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