Direct Sales and Other Starter Business Questions

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Direct Sales Independent Smart DivaPlease note: Any reference to Kitsy Lane is no longer valid. Kitsy Lane went out of business early 2015.

Hello all, and sorry for the absence this week. I’ve been so under the weather since Saturday, and boy do I have a lot to catch up on.

As some of you know, I’m a Kitsy Lane rep. A friend of mine and I decided we wanted to help a few reps in a group that has lain dormant for quite some time. Since we are both bloggers and work with a few direct sales companies, who better help them, right?

I set up a questionnaire just to get an idea of where they were each at so I can address a few questions. And I thought, might as well blog about it (good record keeping huh).

What Are Your Business Goals for 2015?

You always want to set goals for yourself so you can push yourself to make them. Someone mentioned to me that their goal for 2015 with Kitsy Lane was to grow their Facebook Fan page. Increasing your Facebook followers helps push your information on the news feed. So this is a great goal to have.

Prior to Facebook changing a few rules recently, I’d say jump in on the giveaway links! However, you can’t ask participants to like your Facebook page any longer, but it’s still excellent exposure for your blog. There are many ladder clubs of which businesses and bloggers support each other though. A simple Facebook search for ladder club or even a LinkedIn business search can help. I’d even strive for more Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest followers.

Get a Stack of Business Cards

Don’t have a business card? I suggest you get a pack. For one, nobody will know your business exists if you don’t tell them about it. Vista Print and Moo are great companies. However, you can make them inexpensively at home or design them up and send them off to Kinkos to print. Not too expensive, but then again, it just depends on your budget. Leave them EVERYWHERE. Give them to family and friends. Leave a few at the library and laundry mat. It’s the holidays; people are looking for great gifts!

Not Selling Items?

Don’t let it stop you if you have not sold an item. Once you make that first sale, you’ll feel unstoppable! I think I printed a screenshot of my first sale because I worked ages on it! Other reps are selling, so that means you will too, with time.

Why Blog?

Blogging is yet another means of getting your business name out there. Is it hard to blog? I won’t lie – yes! It takes time, organization, and patience. I don’t care how many ideas you have running through your head, if you have little kids running around (not my situation) it’s almost impossible to sit for 5 minutes and think, let alone write!

You have to set yourself a schedule though and not be deterred. You do NOT have to write every day. You can even write 2-3 posts just one day of the week and schedule them out! There, you’re done with blogging, right? Of course not! You must share your blog posts and engage with other bloggers. Encourage your family and friends. Blogging is a part of your business, and with every business, you must network.

Starting your own blog can be 100% free of monetary costs (not time of course). You can get started on Blogger,, Weebly, Wix, and a host of others. There is no cost for the blog, domain name, nor any hosting fees. You are just stuck with their domain name.

An Interest in Other Business Opportunities?

I ask this question because many people who are in direct sales do so because they have the free time. I run across many reps who are stay or work at home moms (yes there is a difference). For those that have a bit more free time, they mix and mingle business opportunities. Some complement each other.

For instance, I got my start in direct sales with Avon some years back, when I was employed outside my home. Talk about hectic. However, I learned a few strategies. I no longer sell Avon, but once I started staying at home, I started Kitsy Lane. The entire world of online networking, blogging, website development, and online sales opened up to me. I learned so much about SEO and things I can barely pronounce. However, I now run a successful freelance writing business, thanks to the knowledge I’ve gained as a direct sales rep. I’m an excellent multitasker and am now a Sass N Frass Rep as well. In addition to that, I’ve learned how to operate a successful drop shipping business. So in essence, I run five separate businesses (yes, blogging is its own beast). My point, if you want to earn more money, easily, ensure your businesses complement each other.

These tips are not the answers to life’s difficult business questions, but it’s a start for any newbies joining direct sales or other business opportunities.

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    Great tips here. I know that Direct Sales can be difficult but if you have various platforms to get your business out there it can help a lot. Social media and blogging are two great platforms to do so. I love blogging and it has brought me many connections and customers of my autoresponder service. Thanks for sharing.
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    I really need to make some goals for the new year. Thanks for remindin’ me. I think I will make them and also a motto/mission statement. Imma hang it somewhere by where I work and anytime I wanna stray or take something that doesn’t fit that I’ll be reminded.

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