How to Make Girls Night Out Happen – More Often

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How to Make Girls Night Out Happen - More Often isdiva 2

It seems every week, right after Hump Day (that’s Wednesday for you all that have missed the commercial) we women talk about what a hectic week it’s been and need a night out with the girls. Wow, Friday and Saturday come and go, and we’re right back to our stressed out lives on Monday (at least those with kids and priorities are). So, how can you have an awesome girl’s night out event? Flip it to a girl’s night in.

First off, bragging that you went to Club XYZ does nothing for your image. In fact, it can do more harm than good. Instead, focus on doing something that can save make you money. So let’s start planning.

Have a Potluck with the Girls

  1. International pot luck
  2. BBQ potluck
  3. Soul food potluck (you know, fried chicken and greens)
  4. We can’t wait for Thanksgiving potluck
  5. We are watching our figure potluck (aka vegan)

Bring Your Game

Make sure someone has the playing cards, board games, and video games. Hey, you can’t leave the kiddos at home now can you? Everyone’s together under one roof, so there is no need to worry about babysitters, getting your hair done, or ordering pizza.

How to Make Girls Night Out Happen - More Often isdiva

Talk About Your Week over a Drink

Keep it simple. One wine cooler should be fine. It’s time to talk about what went wrong at work and offer useful advice on what can be done better the following week.

Getting Down to Business

It’s never advised to go into business with your friends. However, you all can brainstorm ideas that can make you money on the side. Maybe you all want to invest in stocks, take advantage of a new CD rate, or write an eBook. Encourage and back each other’s ideas up. Take a course on tax preparation and be prepared for next year, use your administrative skills to be a Virtual Assistant, or tutor students online.

Now, you can get back to work feeling empowered come Monday morning.

No hangover
No empty wallet
Ready to make more money


All of this was accomplished while hanging out with the girls. Who said a group of girls hanging out always equals trouble?

~ Independent, Smart, Diva

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    Great twist on an old idea. Sometimes we are so stuck on “the way things should look” that we forget to look at them the way they work for us now. Your post should help people see another way to have fun without being stuck in the “Girl’s Night Out” mold.

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