I Wish I’d Known $ in Student Loans Ago, What I Know Now

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This past Friday, I asked you all to fill in the blank to the post: It’s Like Drake Says: Started From the Bottom – Happy Friday!

I want to get good grades, so when I graduate I _______________.

I’ve seen some pretty great responses. These are all answers your family and friends can all be proud of you for. I in no way intend to downplay any of your aspirations in life. But, in a recent conference I attended, my eyes sure did open up.

You see, the speaker asked us all the same question. In a room of possibly 200 people, we all responded: can go to college.

Not one of us responded: can start my own company. How weird is that?

200 people all knew they wanted to graduate from high school and go to college.


Education Facts, or Not so Facts

So our educational curriculum was started back in the who the heck remembers age. But, since then, school has always been about what? Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. That’s excellent for standards; we truly need it. But now, let’s take a look at something else. Science class.


How many of you get up from your desk job, let’s say once a week, and go in the back to dissect a frog (veterinarians, please don’t mess this up for me)



The sum of the even numbers between 1 and k is 79*80, where k is an odd number, then k=?

(A) 79

(B) 80

(C) 81

(D) 157

(E) 159

So umm, do you answer this question at work to get a raise? This is to all you writers out there.


Let’s Get to My Point

Industrial I Wish Id Known $ in Student Loans Ago, What I Know Now ISDIVA

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Our educational system was based on whatever the heck was going on in the industrial ages. Our lives are not wrapped around that stuff any longer. Now it’s technology!

It pains me to see some people in my generation have no clue about technology other than their smart phone. Now we’re entering a time where we must type a minimum of 45WPM, and some people can’t find the A key (hint, that button next to the cap lock you use to scream expletives to your ex).

So while it’s fine to go to college (and you best believe my kids are) I do encourage their involvement in courses and activities that will give them a more well-rounded experience and prepare them for the world of business – their own business, at that.

My Family Expectations

Being raised in a household of two entrepreneurs, we kinda expect that out of them. However, if they say, Well mom, dad, I want to be a veterinarian and chop those frogs all day and be a game designer (which by the way is what they want to be), no problems out of us. As long as they make this CHOICE on their own and not let our economy dictate their future.

What I want to say last is, that if you have a plan for your life, a goal, an ambition, do it. If you want to be financially free, make your path. You do what you have to do to make the parties, make the vacations, etc. so it’s time to sit down, invest in yourself and a new business.

Do I do it? Absolutely!

And I wish I had known $XXX, XXX in student loans ago what I know now.


~ Independent, Smart, Diva

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  1. says

    Am I the only person who didn’t mind dissections? Anyway, if I knew before student loans what I know now, I wouldn’t have student loans at all. 🙂

    I hope my son never has to use them.

  2. Daisy says

    I had A LOT in student loans. It was such a happy day to finally pay those off. Now I am able to donate to help others w/ scholarships.

  3. says

    This is why I am HUGE on telling my kids to get scholarships, grants and free money where ever you can and start now! My husband and I are suffering from student loans and don’t want that debt for our children.

  4. says

    I enjoyed being exposed to different areas of study in school, including biology, chemistry, and physics. In fact, physics was one of my favorite classes in high school. Learning how to make a bridge out of toothpicks that could hold your own weight was pretty amazing. I studied very hard in high school and am glad that I did so that I could go to college and eventually graduate school I am thankful for the financial contribution that my parents made for m schooling, as well as scholarships, and part-time jobs. All of these things helped me get where I am today.

  5. says

    Ew, student loans! When I was a teacher, I told my students all the time how important it was to get good grades to either go to a college or trade school for free if not next to nothing. Now I tell my own kids and any kid who walks in my path how important it is to take education seriously (even if the current CC curriculum is less than desirable…).

    Even if we don’t remember how to solve quadratic equations or the anatomy of a frog, what we were taught were skill sets, like how to break things down to solve problems, or how to work with a group to come to a common solution. Technology kinda takes some of that away now, which makes me a bit sad, even though I am a big fan of all technology.

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