Last Day to Snag Your Free $100 From Capital One – Get Your New Year’s Resolution Started!

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Last Day to Snag Your Free $100 From Capital One

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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it can grow fast with Capital One!

We all make our New Year’s resolution, and for many of us, it’s starting a new savings account. A great way to get it going is to start your new savings (or checking) account, today with Capital One.

The Capital One Black Friday Deal

Today is the last day you can take advantage of receiving $200 in your Checking and Savings accounts just for opening an account. As long as this is your first time opening a 360 Checking or Savings account by midnight, December 1, 2014, you’ll receive:

$100 bonus when you open a new 360 Checking Account

And / or

$100 bonus when you open a new 360 Savings Account

Don’t forget to check out the two bonus deals!

Why You Should Do It!

Just saying you want to get your financial status back to where it once was is easier said than done. With the many different games that you may play such as, the 52 Week Challenge, you may start off on the right foot and end up twisting your ankle!

For many others, it’s hard to start saving right after the holidays. Where are you going to get that initial push?

Well, opening your 360 Checking or Savings account should be just the push you need! They will GIVE you the money in 50 days’ time, so you know you’ll start your new year off right!

Another reason it’s hard to keep a checking and savings account open is because of the darn monthly fees. Capital One has NO Monthly fees! And, it’s easy to access your money at over 38,000 NO FEE ATM’s.

How to Get Started and Rack up Your Dough!

It’s not hard to get started. The money is yours regardless of where you transfer it from. To get started with the checking account, you’ll need to deposit $250. You’ll need to make at least 5 purchases with your new Capital One 360 debit card. You could also just opt to have 5 checks deposited during your accounts first 45 days.

The savings account is a bit heftier. You’ll need $1,000 to get started. I know this is steep for most, but hey, it’s only a SECOND option!

After 50 days, Capital One 360 will deposit $100 in your account. So on January 20, 2015, you can expect to see your $100 deposited into each account. (Catch, of course, you can’t withdraw it for 30 days)

Don’t think of it as coming up with $250.

Transfer the money now, and use it just as if it were with another account. It’s absolutely no disturbance in your current spending method! Sign up today, before midnight December 1, 2014!

Happy Savings!

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  1. says

    I had a bad experience w/capital one since they had the nerve to try an add some charge that I didn’t do. Once I found out looking at my bill, I canceled them asap, and this was only for me to start up me having credit. When your 18yrs old its difficult for anyone to give you credit. Capital one is good at helping w/establishing but I don’t believe their meant to be kept for long term.

    • says

      Oh, sounds like a typical credit card issue we’ve all had. However, this is totally different as it’s their Checking and Savings account. I personally have three credit cards with them (I use each for a different purpose), and love that they extend my credit each year. I also get incredible cash back… still trying to think what to do with it.

      The savings portion of this program really excites me. I also have the bonus features for my kids.

  2. katrina g says

    I love capital one. i have used their cards for years and they are always great to work with. Very cool on the checking.

  3. Lisa Rios says

    What an awesome deal is this! This is the first time I am hearing about this. Thanks for sharing the details about 360 checking account and 360 savings account. Really a great marketing idea. Will have to check this out for sure.

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