Oh SNAP! Grab That Cash Back Offer from Groupon

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If you’re using the Ibotta program to get a bit of cash back from grocery shopping, there is one more app to download to your list. Groupon recently launched their app – Snap by Groupon. I just found out about it myself the other day. So, Monday I just had to go grab my last minute sale items because I had a funny feeling Tuesday was going to be hectic.

So what are some savings you can expect to see?


Snap Cash offers isdiva.com 150

  • $1 cash back on any gallon of milk
  • $3 cash back on Huggies Diapers
  • $0.25 cash back on bananas

So enough talk… you want to see results, right? Well, I visited Jewel-Osco, Tony’s Finer Foods, and Rio Valley Market. Of which, what do you know, bananas, lettuce, and apples were on my list.



Tonight, I simply added them to my grocery list, took a picture with my phone of the receipts, and bam, instant cash. Now of course they are going to verify my receipt, but the $1, hopefully, will be available soon.


Snap Cash offers balance isdiva.comOnce you reach $20, you can redeem your cash, as of right now that’s by check only. You can even refer your friends and earn cash when they redeem their offers.

So here’s how you can get the Snap app:

  1. Download the Snap app for iPhone or Android, or use the Snap website
  2. Take a quick peep around before you shop, add your items to your grocery list
  3. Print your coupons before you shop! Double up on the savings!
  4. Purchase the promoted products at your local stores
  5. Snap a pic of your receipt when you get home
  6. Wait for the cash to ring in

Sign up for your Snap account now.

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    • says

      I have a lot of friends that use Ibotta. But I shop more neighborhood shops that aren’t listed with them. I like Snap because I can just load my receipt and go!

  1. Cindy says

    Interesting. Not sure I understand exactly how it works, but I might hop over and check it out. Although it sounds like my “wander up and down the store looking for things I need” method of shopping might not work with this 🙂

    • says

      Haha. There isn’t a HUGE list of products, but the ones listed are items most people actually need at home. Just click each pic next to the items you may grab and add them to your virtual shopping list. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. says

    WOW! I love groupon and I had no idea that Snap app existed. I am going to download this now! Thank you for educating me. I am excited to use this. WHOOOO HOOOO.And Im sharing with my family who uses groupon….alot!

  3. Danielle Stewart says

    I know two brand new moms that could really benefit from having this information. They are at a stage where they are going through many items, quicker than they can keep up. This might help to put a little cash back in their pockets. Thanks!

  4. says

    Wow. This is an app that my mom would most likely get addicted to. She loves discounts and deals for grocery purchases since she’s in charge of managing our food inventory and the finances/budget for that.

  5. says

    This is a neat tool, but unfortunately I don’t have wireless access on my ipod so I can’t use it outside of my home! Maybe someday!

  6. Melissa Smith says

    I just had a friend tell me about this the other day. I’ve already managed to save a couple bucks to on milk & produce!

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