Check Out My Gorgeous New Shirt from Chic Chicks Boutique

Hey all! Last week (before the cold) I went out to celebrate some great news with a close friend of mine. This celebration called for a bit of a shopping trip. I really was hoping to wear a new pair of PZI Jeans, so I looked them up and found that Chic Chicks Boutique in […]

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker Review @Kinivo #speakers #review

Have you ever been in a situation, listening to your iPod or phone, and just wished it were a tad bit louder? Well, Kinivo sent me this excellent mini speaker, the Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker, and I’m happy to review it for you today! My awesome assistant (my son Trey) and I decided to give […]

Southern Style, Economic, Gumbo

Both my family and my fiancé’s family are from the south. We just love southern foods, especially gumbo! Now the best gumbo has so much in it, it’s a dish you only make about 3-4 times a year because it’s so expensive. I mean, an authentic Louisiana gumbo has large shrimp, crab, crawfish, and Andouille […]

Direct Sales and Other Starter Business Questions

Please note: Any reference to Kitsy Lane is no longer valid. Kitsy Lane went out of business early 2015. Hello all, and sorry for the absence this week. I’ve been so under the weather since Saturday, and boy do I have a lot to catch up on. As some of you know, I’m a Kitsy […]

Exciting Tip to Keep More Financial Aid Money in Your Pockets!

For some people, saying college is expensive is an understatement. I know for me it is. Even seeing my financial aid package I still had a frown, because I knew books, travel expenses, babysitting fees, computer fees, and so on was going to eat that up! Many college students have gotten smart and try to […]

Search Smart and Earn Extra Holiday Cash with Qmee

Well, here we are with Black Friday and Cyber Monday not that far away. After Halloween costumes and lavish Thanksgiving Day meals, I’m sure you can use a bit of extra holiday cash. So, while you’re browsing the net looking for last minute Halloween party ideas, Thanksgiving Day dishes, and Christmas holiday gifts, why not […]