Give a Warm Welcome to “The Ebola Scare” – Chicago Edition

So today I was to talk about Thanksgiving (Yes a bit early, huh?). But there were many Facebook shares of an ABC News Chicago report of an Ebola scare. Now I probably would not have gone berzerk if it weren’t for my kids heading downtown for their very first Negotiations day with their schools sponsoring […]

Kick Off Your Shoes and Relax While You Earn a Free Education

  If you’ve attended college, and lived on campus, you can probably relate to hanging out all night and somehow making it to class in your t-shirt, jogging pants, and house shoes. Well, now you don’t have to relive that experience again should you want to get your education, nor pay for it. You can […]

Elph band & $125 Target Gift Card Giveaway

  Welcome to the ELPH Band Giveaway Event! Mom Powered Media, ELPH Band, and fantastic group of amazing bloggers have come together to bring you this event, just in time for Halloween. Hosted by: Mom Powered Media Sponsored by: ELPH Band The ELPH Band is a link to your identifying information, such as your address, […]

9 Fun and Frugal Ideas for an Incredible Sweetest Day He Won’t Forget

Wouldn’t you know it, Sweetest Day is right around the corner (tomorrow in fact, October 18th). Many women are opposed to celebrating this holiday, but why is that? Valentines is your Hallmark Day! If you’re short on cash, trust me, there are ways around celebrating this day for your special guy. Besides, guys aren’t into […]

I-S-Diva’s Succulent Barbeque Country Ribs

Hi all, One thing that my family and I enjoy, is barbeque, especially ribs. However, the weather is chilly, and we don’t feel like pulling out the grill all the time. An easy and fast alternative is oven baked ribs! For me, I’m busy like every day all day. I don’t have time to slave […]

How to Build a Damn Good Vocabulary in One Minute a Day

  With over 170,000 words in the English language alone, it’s truly impossible for the most intelligent of us to know them all. In fact, why would you even need to know them all? You’ll find early or later on in life that expanding your vocabulary not only can help you impress others, but yourself […]

How to Make Girls Night Out Happen – More Often

It seems every week, right after Hump Day (that’s Wednesday for you all that have missed the commercial) we women talk about what a hectic week it’s been and need a night out with the girls. Wow, Friday and Saturday come and go, and we’re right back to our stressed out lives on Monday (at […]

Oh SNAP! Grab That Cash Back Offer from Groupon

If you’re using the Ibotta program to get a bit of cash back from grocery shopping, there is one more app to download to your list. Groupon recently launched their app – Snap by Groupon. I just found out about it myself the other day. So, Monday I just had to go grab my last […]