I-S-Diva’s Succulent Barbeque Country Ribs

Foil Pan

Hi all, One thing that my family and I enjoy, is barbeque, especially ribs. However, the weather is chilly, and we don’t feel like pulling out the grill all the time. An easy and fast alternative is oven baked ribs! For me, I’m busy like every day all day. I don’t have time to slave […]

How to Build a Damn Good Vocabulary in One Minute a Day


  With over 170,000 words in the English language alone, it’s truly impossible for the most intelligent of us to know them all. In fact, why would you even need to know them all? You’ll find early or later on in life that expanding your vocabulary not only can help you impress others, but yourself […]

How to Make Girls Night Out Happen – More Often

How to Make Girls Night Out Happen - More Often isdiva

It seems every week, right after Hump Day (that’s Wednesday for you all that have missed the commercial) we women talk about what a hectic week it’s been and need a night out with the girls. Wow, Friday and Saturday come and go, and we’re right back to our stressed out lives on Monday (at […]

Oh SNAP! Grab That Cash Back Offer from Groupon

Groupon Snap App isdiva.com

If you’re using the Ibotta program to get a bit of cash back from grocery shopping, there is one more app to download to your list. Groupon recently launched their app – Snap by Groupon. I just found out about it myself the other day. So, Monday I just had to go grab my last […]

Domestic Violence is Closer than You Think: Be Aware This October

Domestic Violence is Closer than You Think

Another Disclosure: A bit of graphic wording … this post just got real In October 1981, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence observed the first Day of Unity. This was to help connect advocates of battered women across the US to end this senseless violence against women and children. Since then, there have been many activities leading […]

Happy Payday Friday Everyone!

Payday candy and money ISDIVA

We’ll I-S-Diva has been up and running for a week now. The love and support is greatly appreciated. As a work at home mom and blogger, I do sit back in awe of all the mothers who does this, every day, times two, three, or four kids! Mine youngest are both in high school. So […]

I-S-Diva’s Quick Savings: Downy Coupon

Downy Couponing ISDiva Taya Elery

Couponing is like being a virgin … ya gotta hold out! The #1 rule in couponing is holding on to your coupons for a sale. Just because you have a $1 off of a $7 item does not make it a deal! Wait for it to go on sale and then double, triple, or quadruple […]

Crazy Coupon Day – Arm & Hammer

arm and hammer

  Well, ISDiva was to get started October 1, 2014. However, after posting my Arm & Hammer deal of a lifetime, (40 bottles of 61 oz. Arm & Hammer detergent for $40) the questions did start to pour in.    Where do you get the coupons? Please help and tell me… inbox me too please […]

4 Steps towards Saving Money and Keeping it There

It seems that every year, the most popular New Year’s resolution is to “Save More Money” or “Open a Savings Account”. And the reason it’s so popular is because it’s right after Christmas when we’ve spent whatever savings we did have. However, the fact that we have tons of credit cards and layaway plans to […]

Welcome to Independent – Smart – DIVA (I-S-DIVA)!


My name is Taya and I grew up on the Westside of Chicago. Now as an adult, I look at our youth and my generation. Pretty much, I’m saddened by all that I see. I consider myself extremely blessed to have grown up in a 2-parent household where both of my parents valued my future. […]