13 Quick Imitation Crab Lunch Ideas

13 Quick Imitation Crab Lunch Ideas. Don't let your leftover crab meat go to waste. Check out these easy 13 crabmeat recipes from Pinterest.

  As you know, I’m all about convenience and saving money. I recently bought a pack of imitation crabmeat to add to my left over salad. So the salad is gone and now I’m stuck with a half-eaten pack of imitation crab meat. So after browsing around my absolute favorite website Pinterest, I came across […]

Can This President Elect Work for Us?

Can This President Elect Work for Us? As the elections are now over, we need to focus on what we can do for our families as opposed to how are unhappy with our president elect. Here are three important things you need to be working on today for secure future.

    Typically I have nothing much to say when it comes to politics. And today, it’s not much different. However, I did want to address things from a different perspective. Like many, I am appalled that our president-elect is Trump. But at this point, instead of asking “why”, we now need to focus on […]

Meal of the Week – Boneless Short Ribs with Gravy

Meal of the Week – Boneless Short Ribs with Gravy

Well, It’s been about a month since I’ve last posted. Things have been hectic, but I finally did it – I moved! If you remember your last move, I’m sure you empathize with me. The packing wagging up and down stairs hiring movers working overtime to replace what you’ve spent out eating take out daily […]

Back to School Shopping Made Easy with #Groupon #ad

Back to School Shopping Made Easy with #Groupon. It’s tough and expensive going store to store for back to school shopping. But it’s easy with Groupon Goods. #ad

In my last post, I talked about Groupon Coupons. In this post, I wanted to continue by letting you know of the great back to school shopping ideas you can find on Groupon as well. My son just turned 17 yesterday, and he is at that “I need that” stage. Since he does well in […]

Easy Ways to Start Your Seven Streams of Income

It may seem hard enough having one stream of income. But there are ways to generate several streams of income without it having to be physically demanding or with large investments. Easy Ways to Start Your Seven Streams of Income

So today I wanted to talk about this 7 streams of income business. You may be thinking… it’s hard as hell to get my one stream of income (job), so how am I going to bring in SEVEN more? When I first heard of this, I thought the same thing. However, working from home, I […]

14 Uplifting Bible Versus to Relieve Work Stress

14 Uplifting Bible Versus to Relieve Work Stress. If you ever feel the need to quickly study the Word to help relieve your stress, I have 14 great Bible verse’s to meditate on.

I am a Christian, however, sometimes when at work, I want to say and do things Un-Christ Like. I don’t always stop and have that WWJD moment. And unfortunately, not all of us can work in a perfect work environment where you have no stress. If you are in that perfect environment, please … raise […]

5 Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Money Online Today

Do you need another stream of income or low on cash and need money today? I have listed five side hustle ideas to help you start earning cash today at home.

Jobs are limited everywhere. I know people that have been unemployed for years and it doesn’t seem to help that McDonalds is “always” hiring. Even employed full time, you get behind in your bills. Kids need supplies for school that you just weren’t ready to purchase. The gas hand gets low, and you don’t get […]

Top 13 Books to Secure You Grants and Scholarships

If you are in need of grants and scholarships to start school or return, there are vast resources available in these thirteen books. Find out how you can afford to go back to school with little to no debt.

As an admissions advisor and prior financial aid advisor, I hear every day students asking how they are going to pay for college. From grandparents, to parents, to the students themselves, they are afraid of student loans, and should be. There is hope though as you can find grants and scholarships that are available for […]