Shop Online with Amazon and Save Money on Everyday Purchases

Find out how to shop online with Amazon and save money. Today only get Prime for just $67.

I love getting things at great prices and even better, doing so with less of my time. So I’m a major online purchaser, from foods, to household goods, to clothes, and more. It’s helpful to find hard to find items also. Like I fell in love with the Deep Action Scrub Irish Spring Body Wash, […]

Amazon’s Echo … Not Your Ordinary Speaker

Amazon’s Echo … Not Your Ordinary Speaker

  Amazon recently rolled out a brand new product called the Amazon Echo which is basically a small, hands-free computer equipped with an always-on microphone and 360 degree speakers that can fill an entire room with high quality sound. At first glance, it may seem like a simple speaker system with a few extra bells […]

Trendy Workout – Work Clothes? #sponsored

If you’re looking for innovative fashion ideas, take a peek in your closet and transform some of your workout gear. Check out this infograph presented by ebates and see how you can change up your style. Image via Flickr by

  Since going back to work, I’ve been looking for new styles. I don’t want to be dressed up all the time, but not too laid back either, ya know. We are allowed to wear casual clothing, which I think is awesome for a corporate environment. Shocking enough, no one has gotten too out of […]

Save Money on Groceries by Shopping in Your Kitchen

Clean out your kitchen and discover the savings right in there.

  So I swear, if I don’t set the food out on the table, the kids will never eat certain foods. Going into the freezer to search for leftovers or one or twosie items is like telling them to go save the planet all on their own! A few weeks ago, I really wanted to grab […]

3 Fast Track Skill Ideas to Get Back to Work

3 Fast Track Skill Ideas to Get Back to Work. Are you looking to get back to work but need to brush up on your skills? Here I have three skill sets you should work on immediately.

You know, for those of you that want to get started working, there are a few basic skills you may need. These are helpful whether it’s your first time back to work after five years of being laid off, your first job, or you’re changing industries. I hear all the time how women want to […]

9 Back-to-School Items Your Teen Girl Must Have

Ensure your teen girl has all the back to school essentials she needs.

  It’s that time again – Back to school shopping! Although you’re coming in at the last minute shopping phase, here are a few essentials you can still grab at a great price. Your teen girl is into fashion, so help her out with these cute and affordable accessories and school supplies. Ensure your teen […]

Financial Risks with Payday Loans and How to Avoid Them

Image via Flickr by GotCredit

Payday loans are very popular these days. We’ve all had one or at least came close to taking one. It’s a way to get fast money in less than 24 hours. However, what would happen should you take a loan for just general purposes – to go on vacation, purchase clothes on sale, or try […]

Preventing Tension and Stress Amongst New Friends

Image via Flickr by JohnONolan

Ok, let’s just cut to the chase … we’re women; we’re emotional. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, just more in tune with ourselves. From time to time, you may introduce a friend into your social circle, and that doesn’t always pan out too well. Different personalities will do one of two things: Mesh […]

Breadless Salmon and Egg Benedict

Breadless Salmon and Egg Benedict

Sometimes you want a really fancy breakfast. Those for me don’t require a lot of work when I decide to make Salmon and Eggs Benedict. This is actually one of my favorite breakfasts and it’s so easy to make. There are only a few ingredients required. Now I don’t make it often because I always […]