Vietnamese (Shrimp) Spring Rolls

I’m a Thai Food fanatic …. In fact, the other week I went to my favorite restaurant in Oak Park, Mama Thai. It’s just a nice, quiet environment, with good food and friendly service. Chicago has some great restaurants, but the low-key area is downtown Oak Park! I’d just gotten back in town the night […]

19 Amazing Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your BFF for Under $30

With work and kids, we are so busy that at times our best friend’s gifts come at the last minute on our to-do list. So no matter if it’s Christmas, their birthday, or a just because gift, these 19 amazing last minute gifts will warm her heart. And the best part is that they are […]

Easy Cheesy Shrimp and Grits

One of my favorite dishes is cheesy shrimp and grits. I just came back from New Orleans, and it’s a classic, everyday breakfast item down there. What’s great about it is that it’s not just for breakfast (like for most people, you do enjoy breakfast for dinner anyway). To some, it sounds complicated, but I […]

15 Amazing Quotes by Black Women You Can Trust In

Every woman should have another female they can go and talk to – no matter the age. For me, it’s my mom and best friend. My mom, of course, is wise, but far from kind. She’s going to tell it like it is, no matter how it makes me feel. And sometimes, that’s ok because […]

Top 80 Romantic R&B Hits from the 90’s and Beyond

  Sweetest Day is around the corner and I know you want to get the mood set in your home. Below I have some of the best romantic R&B hits from the 90’s until today. Now I did sneak in a few oldies but goodies, so don’t knock me… these hits are still da’ bomb! […]

Shop Online with Amazon and Save Money on Everyday Purchases

I love getting things at great prices and even better, doing so with less of my time. So I’m a major online purchaser, from foods, to household goods, to clothes, and more. It’s helpful to find hard to find items also. Like I fell in love with the Deep Action Scrub Irish Spring Body Wash, […]

Amazon’s Echo … Not Your Ordinary Speaker

Amazon recently rolled out a brand new product called the Amazon Echo which is basically a small, hands-free computer equipped with an always-on microphone and 360 degree speakers that can fill an entire room with high quality sound. At first glance, it may seem like a simple speaker system with a few extra bells and […]