Personal Trainer Food – Top 8 Interesting Questions

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So, after my last post Personal Trainer Food – Final Review, I’ve had some people approached me online and at work about my experience with personal trainer food. Most of the questions were about how did I really stick to it, how did the PTF taste, and was it worth it? Well, let me go ahead and answer some of these questions.

  1. Did you ever want to give up?

Let’s get this question out of the way. Hell yes, I wanted to give up numerous times! I lead a very busy lifestyle and I hate thinking about things such as is this ok to eat. After a while, you get used to telling yourself, “Taya, you have no business with all that sauce”. Or “Taya, if you don’t tell that waiter to take that bread off this table”.

The one pack of Personal Trainer Food was not enough and I learned that early on. So, I quickly ensured to have side dishes prepared as well, such as a large salad. At times when I didn’t have the time to prepare other foods, I’d bring a double helping of the packs. It’ helped with variety as well. For instance, I’d have two types of veggies, a chicken breast, and a steak fajita.

  1. What does it really taste like?

For the most part, I enjoyed the foods. There were a few you couldn’t pay me to eat again and that’s just human nature. For instance, when I was growing up and well into my adult hood, you couldn’t save my life to eat Brussel sprouts. One day though, a friend took me to a restaurant out south and they had some at the buffet. I tasted it and was in love! I found a similar style frozen at the grocery store and loved it. But since then, I can’t find it. I was however able to enjoy the PTF’s Brussel sprouts with just minimum seasonings.

There was one chicken breast that I didn’t enjoy with PTF. I think it was the buttered one, but I started to just rinse it off and add hot sauce (yes, hot sauce makes everything better). I’m just sometimes not into buttered items. I stopped eating lobster for years because they drenched it in butter. I just continued to remember that taste and didn’t want lobster anymore. (I’m back to being a lobster fan again)

  1. What was your absolute favorite?

The maple patty sausage and the Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sticks were really good. I favored the Nantucket Blend veggies the most. My guy maxed my squash!

  1. Did you binge at any time?

Unfortunately, my guy knows too many people and we went to one too many barbeques. I can’t stand BBQ without sauce! So, the sauce binge got real one day.

I also had a bunch of tomatoes from my mother’s garden. So, when I ran out of cucumbers (I love cucumbers and tomatoes with vinegar) I’d throw cheese on top. Man, I must have had that with every breakfast, lunch, and dinner! So, the cheese binge got real as well.

  1. Can you really just walk the pounds away?

I wasn’t always able to walk the parking lot and sometimes didn’t dare try our garage at work to walk around in. I have a gym on site where I live so sometimes I’d dip in there. The Personal Trainer Food plan is set up for you to just walk. However, I feel doing other exercises will help stimulate your system, especially if you have a sedentary job like myself. When I didn’t want to do any of that, I am able to Cast YouTube to my television in my bedroom, so I’d do a 5 or 10-minute workout that way.

  1. Did you wake up hungry at night?

You can eat on this plan, so it’s not about starving yourself. So, you can be full. If you do get hungry, just slap a pack of veggies in the microwave for 2 minutes and lightly season it. When I did want a late snack, I’d cut a tomato in half and throw half a slice of cheese on top. Microwave that for 15 seconds and yum! I also love plain tuna out of the can with pepper and a bit of creole seasonings.

My trick however to ensure I stayed in bed was to do light exercise right before diving into sleep. Exercise does not give me energy at all like a lot of people. I get tired and sleepy immediately.

  1. Did you seriously stop drinking coffee and wine?

Yes and no. I’m a huge coffee drinker but only during the work week. So, there were stressful days where I had to grab a cup of coffee. Instead of my normal Dunkin Donuts coffee, I’d go to this convenience store downstairs at work and make my cup. I’d use only 2 creamers and a dash of sugar. I think I have my Dunkin Donuts coffee made with 6 creamers, hazelnut swirl, and sugar!

To replace that coffee craving, I’d mix water and grape-cranberry juice together and sip throughout the day. That helped me a lot.

As far as wine, I just kept myself busy during the week. I didn’t really go out much. I stayed away from Coopers Hawk because that’s where I have my wine club. The food is excellent as well. On the weekends, I would have a glass of wine maximum and the other day I may have a cocktail of vodka with sprite or cranberry juice. But I know if I would have just stayed away from alcohol all together, the drinking binge would be right around the corner.

  1. How did you stick with it and go out with friends?

Any diet or lifestyle changes you make is going to be hard if you live with others or like to go out. For me, it was a bit easier during the week because I live by myself now. But on the weekends, I spend that time with my guy and we love dining out. And besides that, if I cook at home, I like to do lavish meals just to show off my cooking skills.

When he found out my plan, he was very supportive. He grew up eating chicken and fish so the change wasn’t bad for him. We did still eat beef, as the goal of the plan is to change some of your eating habits, not ban you from all foods. So, with beef, I just ensured it was quality beef and trimmed off any visible fat. When going out, I limited my foods to those with little to no sauce. I even would ask for heavily sauced dishes with the sauce on the side.

As long as you tell people your plan, if they do love you, they’ll try to stick it out with you for the day or two when you go out. Now if you have an entire house full of people…good luck! Kids will be kids and want to snack. You just have to find the time to research and prepare healthy snacks such as homemade sweet potato chips and low-fat dairy options.

Those are the top 8 questions I got. So now I’m curious to see if any of you have taken the challenge towards Personal Trainer Food or a healthy lifestyle change? be sure to check out my Personal Trainer Food Final Review as well.

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