Treat Yourself to a Beautiful Manicure

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Treat Yourself to a Beautiful Manicure. Here are a few tips and reasons on why you should treat yourself to a beautiful manicure.

You know, it simply amazes me at how many women do not get their nails done. I mean, they don’t even do them at home. Upkeep is so important these days in your professional and personal life. I personally get my nails done at least every two weeks.

I work hard for the money!

So I want to see something in return.

If money gets tight, I don’t need to do any extra running around, purchasing lunches – just nothing extra! You can get your nails done for $12 in Chicago and if you go to the right location, which includes a mini-shoulder massage. Take the hour away from your weekend and just pamper yourself. You owe it to your sanity.



I got this done at the mall today. Very simple design, but she acted like they didn’t have color. I doubt I’ll be back any time soon!


Even if it’s just a splash of color, you can make a major statement.


Again, typically, I don’t do plain polish. When I do, I put designs on as well. This was done last year, but I was in a major rush. If I don’t firmly believe they can do a good job with designs, I just get polish and run! If I have the time, I really do leave one shop for the manicure and go to another right away for the designs. Yes – I’m picky.


This is actually not me. The lady at the Currency Exchange nails were so beautiful, she let me snag a shot!

Advantages of Treating Yourself to a Beautiful Manicure

  • Healthy nails
  • 1 hour of time to yourself
  • Time to think of a business idea
  • Reflect upon your work week
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Spend time out with your girlfriends
  • Get extra sexy for your date out with your man

How often do you get your nails done and what designs do you prefer?


Products I Recommend Checking Out:



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