Styling and Profiling at Work: How to Get in and Stay Ahead of the Competition!


First day back to work? Check out these five tips to help you get your wardrobe looking stylish!

First day back to work? Check out these five tips to help you get your wardrobe looking stylish!

I know you may have been wondering where ISDiva has been – well she decided to go get a job!

That’s right. I’ve been back at work since May 4th and love it! It’s a challenge, but I’m mostly excited to be out of the house and enjoy the corporate world again. Working from home does have its perks. However, I’m customer service oriented and love interacting with people one-on-one. Now, I’m helping change people’s lives and get them enrolled in a University I back and believe in (yes, I’m an Admissions Advisor).

So with that said, I had no clue what to really expect out of this new atmosphere. So day one, I decided to do a bit of business casual for my first day back to work. So for those of you who have never worked in a corporate environment or, like me, are now back to the corporate workplace, it may be a bit of a wonder what attire you must have in your closet.  So below are 5 staples I believe every working woman should have! Hopefully, this helps out!

3-4 Blazers/Jackets

Blazers and jackets are not only stylish, but can keep you from freezing your tail off at work! Many companies do not allow space heaters, so these do help keep you warm. I suggest always keeping a black blazer/jacket at work. This keeps you prepared for any unexpected meetings with other corporate executives! You always want to look your best especially if you have your sights set to move up in the company. Other colors to have in your wardrobe include white, navy blue, and possibly a dark or light colored brown (depending upon the colors you enjoy wearing the most).

2-3 Pair of Stretch Pants/Leggings

Back in the day, leggings and stretch pants were a NO-NO! However, they are more acceptable in today’s business casual workplace. If you’re like me and have a distracting rear just make sure you have a long enough shirt on or jacket! This is perfect for days when you want to hang out with your girlfriends after work, but dread changing in the bathroom at work!


If you’re not entirely comfortable wearing flats, that’s ok! You still need a pair or two! Think about those days you get to the office late and have to hightail it across the parking lot! Tote those heels in a shoulder bag and clock in on time ladies! Change into your heels at your desk. However, always invest in a pair of high-quality black heels if nothing else.


Jewelry can really make your outfit! My favorite stores are New York and Company as well as Charming Charlie’s! Charming Charlie’s has affordable pieces and every color under the rainbow! I’d advise if you don’t have much jewelry to just add 1-3 new pieces each month. You can have a full blown jewelry set within a few months for under $20 a month!


Front View


Back View

I also bought this cute Jewelry Hanging Organizer from Amazon. It holds your jewelry items and keeps them neatly organized. I have two in my closet, and it helps me picture what to wear with each item and get out the door quick, fast, and in a hurry each morning!

A Hawaiian Shirt

I know this seems left field, but just about every company I’ve worked for has some type of employee appreciation day activity. These days you are allowed to party a bit (even your VP), so be sure to blend in and not be a sour-puss!

Other Tips

Finally, I’d advise always getting a manicure every two weeks. Sure, you can do it yourself, but you are working your ass off and deserve something! I also get a pedicure once a month and a polish change in between every two weeks. I’m not big on doing my own hair so getting my hair done every 2-3 weeks is also a must for me – it’s just too much to handle!

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